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Valerie’s Caring Hands In Home Care Inc. is a premiere and professional care giving service that employs experienced caregivers to provide compassionate and personal expertise to our clients.  As an alternative to long-term facilities, our services allow clients to remain at home with exclusive personal care. We pride ourselves on providing family members with peace of mind and their loved ones with attentive care and compassion so families can make the most of their time together and family caregivers receive needed rest. We can support the family directly or work in partnership with a hospice agency or medical provider to fully meet the family’s needs. Our services are delivered, without exception, in strict compliance with our company mission.

Valerie’s Caring Hands In Home Care Inc. is dedicated to developing “partnerships in healthcare” with its clients in a manner that fosters exceptional care giving, complete documentation of that care, excellent interpersonal interaction and exacting compliance to the statutory rules by which our clients are regulated. Our goal is to seamlessly care for your loved one with emotional and moral support as well as helping out around the home and providing personal and companionship care.

Quality. Compassion. Trust.

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